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Writing Career & Business Tips
Getting Started: Launching Your Writing Career Begin at the Beginning... · Choosing a Career Path · Setting Writing Goals · Finding Ideas · Should You Quit Your Day Job?
Queries, Submissions, & Market Research Finding the Right Markets · Queries and Submissions · Cover Letters · Bios & Clips
The Business Side of Writing Handling Income, Expenses and Records · Keeping Your Business on Track · Expanding Your Business - And Your Income · Selling Reprints · Using a Pseudonym · Collaboration and Coauthorship · Vacations, Residencies and Retreats
The Business of Writing: Contracts, Fees & Payment Issues Negotiating Contracts · Payment Issues · Setting Fees
Understanding Rights, Copyright, Permissions & Plagiarism Rights and Copyright · Reprints and Permissions · Plagiarism, Piracy & Infringement · Libel, Slander & Defamation
Writing Tools & Technology Issues Electronic Tools and Technology · Old-School Tools · Protecting Your Work
The Writing Life
The Writing Life Coping with the Writing Life · Boosting Your Creativity · Overcoming Fear and Procrastination · Dealing with Rejection · Writer's Block · Writers Helping Writers · Healthy Writing Habits
Time Management for Writers
Editor's Corner: Ramblings on the Writing Life, by Moira Allen Dreams, Goals and Resolutions · Why We Write · Defining Success as a Writer · Writers Helping Writers - and Others · Becoming a Better Writer · Fear, Procrastination, and Other Fun Things About the Writer's Life... · Time and the Writer · On Reading and Books · Old Ways, New Ways... Or, The More Things Change... · Rights and Copyright
Networking & Skill-building: Classes, Critiques, & Conferences Classes · Critique Groups · Writing Conferences · Networking
Polishing Your Prose: Tips on Grammar, Article & Story Structure, and Self-Editing Building Your Best Piece · Outlines · Choosing Great Titles · Grammar Pitfalls to Avoid · Cutting Unnecessary Words · The Final Polish: Self-Editing and Proofreading
Conducting Research & Interviews Interviews and Interviewing Tips · General Research Issues · Research Tips for Fiction Genres
Fiction - General Tips
General Fiction Writing Tips & Techniques Getting Started: The Fundamentals of Fiction Series · Finding Ideas · Plotting Your Tale · Essential Elements of Story · Story Structure · Writing the Series · Critical Issues and Mistakes to Avoid · Keeping Readers Happy...
Characters, Viewpoint, & Names Creating Characters Readers Will Love · Character Naming · Establishing Viewpoint
Writing Dynamic Dialogue Writing Effective Dialogue · Grammar & Punctuation in Dialogue
Setting & Description
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction, by Victoria Grossack Characterization · Conflict & Suspense · Description & Setting · Dialogue · Details that Make the Difference · Plotting & Story Structure · Issues of Grammar & Style · Keeping Your Readers Happy... · The Novel and Beyond · Writer's Block, Procrastination, and Other Issues of the Writing Life ·
Fiction - Genres
Writing for Children The Art and Craft of Writing for Children · Picture Books · Writing for the YA Audience · Nonfiction, Poetry, & Specialized Markets · Agents, Publishers, and Finding a Market · Promoting Your Work
Writing Mysteries Researching the Mystery · Writing the Mystery
Writing Romance The Basics of Romance · Characters to Fall in Love With · Writing Love Scenes · Subgenres/Related Genres · Interviews with Romance Authors
Writing Speculative Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror Writing Speculative Fiction · Fantasy · Science Fiction · Horror · Market Tips · Interviews with Speculative Fiction Authors
Flash Fiction, Literary Fiction & Other Genres Flash Fiction · Other Genres and Crossing Genres...
Nonfiction Freelancing
Keys to Successful Freelance Writing General Freelancing Tips · Journalism & News Writing · Columns & Syndication · Teaching
Freelancing: Targeting Topical Markets Christian · Cooking · Health · History/Family History/Genealogy · Lists, Quizzes and Fillers · Misc · Music · Parenting · Personal Experiences · Pets · Profiles · Regional · Trade Magazines
Travel Writing & Photography Writing Great Travel Articles · Information Sources · Markets · Press Trips · Photography
International Freelancing Handling an International Freelancing Business · Reaching International Markets · Language and Translation Issues
Other Types of Writing
Poetry & Greeting Cards Poetry Styles, Topics & Tips · Poetic Forms · Greeting Cards and Short-Verse Markets
Creative Nonfiction: Essays, Memoirs, and the Personal Side of Writing Essays · Memoirs, Biography & Family History · Journals & Journaling · The Personal Side
Business & Technical Writing Business Management for the Copywriter · Promoting Your Writing Business · Business and Commercial Writing · Editing and Proofreading · Grants & Proposals · Technical Writing · Writing for Trade Magazines
Screenwriting & Scriptwriting Screenplays and Scripts · The Screening Room: Q&A on Screenwriting
Tips on Winning Writing Contests How to Enter, How to Win · Avoiding Contest Scams
Getting Published
Getting Your Book Published: Traditional Publishing Options Finding a Publisher: The Basics · Finding an Agent · Pitching the Novel · Proposing a Nonfiction Book · Other Publishing and Business Issues
DIY Publishing: Self-Publishing, Electronic Publishing, Subsidy & Print-on-Demand Self-Publishing · Electronic Publishing · Print-on-Demand (POD) Publishing · Subsidy Publishing · Book Formatting Tips for Self-Publishing, E-Publishing & POD · Marketing the DIY-Published Book
Promoting Your Writing: General Tips Getting the Word Out · Book Reviews · Mailing Lists & Contact Lists · Press Releases and Presskits
Blogging, Social Media & Website Development Blogging as a Business · Blogging for Promotion · Social Media & Online Promotion · Building an Author Website
Going Live: Promoting Your Writing Through Public Speaking & Appearances Speaking and Giving Interviews · TV, Radio and Other Media Appearances · Presenting at Conferences · Booksignings · Fairs and Festivals
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