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August 2015
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Editorial: What Did You Want to Be? - Moira Allen
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Plunging Into Your Project - Victoria Grossack
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July 2015
Editorial: The Things We're Not Good At - Moira Allen
Guest Editorial: The Secret Art of Reaching "The End" - Mridu Khullar Relph
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Editing for Consistency - Victoria Grossack
Feature Article: How To Spot Clients Who Won't Pay & What To Do When They Don't - Brandy Cross

June 2015
Editorial: The Things We Are Good At - Moira Allen
Guest Editorial: Pedal Your Bike to Pedal Your Mind - Tom Bentley
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Twisting the Plot - Victoria Grossack
Feature Article: Setting the Scene for Dialogue - Ginger Hanson

May 2015
Editorial: So Many Words, So Little Time - Moira Allen
Guest Editorial: Improve Your Ability to Concentrate - Victoria Grossack
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction: Counting the Words - Victoria Grossack
Feature Article: What to Do When You Believe the Editor Is Wrong - Maria Chatzi

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