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Queries, Pitches and Proposals

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October 2014
Creating New Readers - Moira Allen
Some Absurdities in Fiction - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Write What You Don't Know Know - Sean McLachlan

September 2014
The Author-Reader Contract - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Developing a Pitch Message - Hank Quense
Defining Your Writer Self - Mridu Khullar Relph (Guest Editorial)
Pondering Personal Pronouns - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
The Power of Rejection - Moira Allen
What Grocery Shopping Can Teach Us About Branding Our Blogs - Jennifer Brown Banks

August 2014
Boost Your Income by Writing & Selling Greeting Card Ideas - Sandy Forbes
Having Fun with Fan Fiction - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Is "Intercultural" Communication a Moot Point? - Geoff Hart
When Evil Empires Collide (Amazon vs. Hatchette) - Moira Allen
Writing Time: A Vital Luxury - Moira Allen
Writing under the Influence: Inspiration, Plagiarism and Homage - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

July 2014
Conflict - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Confrontations - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Six Ways To Make Your Racing Thoughts Work For You! - R.H. Ramsey
Take Control of Your Schedule! - Geoff Hart
A Writer's Gotta Have Standards... - Moira Allen

June 2014
Build Your Writing Business Through Testimonials - Jennifer Brown Banks
Create a Website that Works for You - Barbara Florio Graham
The Freedom of the Fourth - Moira Allen
Hanging on Cliffs - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Protecting Yourself, Writer Style - Moira Allen

May 2014
Developing Deftness in Description - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Getting Past the Gatekeepers: Submitting to Literary Journals - Jocelyn Kerr
Is Multitasking Good for Writers? - Moira Allen
The Mythical, Magical Number 7 in Technical Writing - Geoff Hart
Sensible, Sensitive Sentences - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

April 2014
A Story, B Story, Part One: Why Use Subplots? - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
A Story, B Story, Part Two: Challenges of Working with Multiple Plots - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Blogging for Business - Dawn Copeman
FICO Scores for Clients? How to gauge the probability of getting paid for your work - Jennifer Brown Banks
The Secret of Success - Moira Allen

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Awesome Blogs

The International Freelancer, by Mridu Khullar Relph
This blog beautifully balances the personal with the professional. It's full of helpful tips and techniques for the "global" writer -- which, basically, is all of us -- with just the right touch of the author's own personal experiences. I confess to a certain "motherly" glow about this blog -- Mridu was one of the earliest contributors to, back when we were just getting started -- and since then I've had the pleasure of seeing her name all over the place. So you can be sure that when she says "this is what it takes to succeed," she knows what she's talking about!
Do you have an "awesome blog"? Do you know of one? Let us know; send an e-mail to Moira Allen, Editor with "Awesome Blog" in the subject line. See our complete list of Awesome Blogs here!

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