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Queries, Pitches and Proposals

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December 2014
The Writer's Gift - Moira Allen
Calling All Authors: The Key to Successful Social Media Promotion - N.N. Light
Why Don't You Reach the End? - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

November 2014
Charting Our Course for 2015 - Moira Allen
Enriching Your Writing with Big Data - Audrey Henderson
Flesh out Your Writing with Body Language - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Map Your Settings - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
A Mission Statement - Moira Allen
The Stuff Series Are Made Of - Karen Wiesner

October 2014
Being There - Audrey Henderson (Guest Editorial)
Creating New Readers - Moira Allen
The Greater Logic of Fiction - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Some Absurdities in Fiction - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
When Procrastination is a Good Thing - Barbara Florio Graham
Write What You Don't Know Know - Sean McLachlan

September 2014
The Author-Reader Contract - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Developing a Pitch Message - Hank Quense
Defining Your Writer Self - Mridu Khullar Relph (Guest Editorial)
Pondering Personal Pronouns - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
The Power of Rejection - Moira Allen
What Grocery Shopping Can Teach Us About Branding Our Blogs - Jennifer Brown Banks

August 2014
Boost Your Income by Writing & Selling Greeting Card Ideas - Sandy Forbes
Having Fun with Fan Fiction - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Is "Intercultural" Communication a Moot Point? - Geoff Hart
When Evil Empires Collide (Amazon vs. Hatchette) - Moira Allen
Writing Time: A Vital Luxury - Moira Allen
Writing under the Influence: Inspiration, Plagiarism and Homage - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

July 2014
Conflict - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Confrontations - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
Six Ways To Make Your Racing Thoughts Work For You! - R.H. Ramsey
Take Control of Your Schedule! - Geoff Hart
A Writer's Gotta Have Standards... - Moira Allen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Awesome Blogs

The Ready Writer Mag, by Abidemi Sanusi
This blog is subtitled "For Christians Who Write," but don't assume that leaves out anyone else. The blog is packed with useful articles, interviews and guest posts. Being a Christian who writes myself, I appreciate the fact that the blog makes it clear that "Christians who write" need not necessarily be "Christian writers" -- i.e., writing exclusively Christian-labeled material. This blog helps Christians keep in touch with an identity as writers that goes far beyond the "Christian writer" label. Nor is it a purely "inspirational" site - its focus is on tips and encouragement you can use, wherever you are in your writing career.
Do you have an "awesome blog"? Do you know of one? Let us know; send an e-mail to Moira Allen, Editor with "Awesome Blog" in the subject line. See our complete list of Awesome Blogs here!

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